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Perf-Turf Lawn Chemical Service was a small lawn treatment company started 
by a local resident of Elwood.  In 1990, Dan Norris purchased Perf-Turf Lawn 
Chemical Service.  Mr. Norris was manager of the Madison-County Co-op in 
Elwood at the time and had many years of experience in the agriculture industry.  
This experience gave him the knowledge of pest identification, biology, and control 
methods needed in the lawn care industry.  Along with his son, Matt Norris, they 
began providing lawn treatment services to the people of Elwood and surrounding 
It wasn’t long before this small company which provided supplemental income and a hobby for the Norris Family became a full-time career. After Matt graduated from college in 1997, he took over operations of the company and developed the lawn treatment programs used today.
In 2009 we enter our 19th season of providing lawn treatment services to Madison County and surrounding counties. We will continue to offer the quality personal service that has helped us more than double in size over the years.
In this day and age of super mega stores and decline of the small mom and
pop stores, we feel fortunate to be able to offer a quality service with a small
town feel.  We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers
and providing the personal service that the larger companies might not.


It is the mission of Perf-Turf Lawn Service to support the local and surrounding 
communities through the provision of high-quality lawn treatment services and 
products to those residents and businesses who understand and appreciate 
high-quality and excellent service.  We will maintain high ethical standards and 
be committed to exceeding all of our customer's expectations.  We will continually
look for ways to improve our services, and the way we execute those services.